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Conditions of Online Booking & Carriage

In this Conditions of Online Booking & Carriage, "You" and "your" mean the person booking, purchasing, holding, and/or utilizing the Aeroline boarding ticket and carriage. "We," "us," and "our" mean Aeroline.



Reservation of Seat Prior to Purchase

You may call and reserve seat for an intended travel via our Services Centres or Call Centres should you be unable to confirm of a travel you’d like to make. Reservations via online at our websites ( and is not available.

After the seat is reserved for you, you are required to pay for it within a two (2) days period.

After the two (2) days period, the reserved seat will be released. You are advised to make payment for the seat soonest to avoid losing your seat.

For example:
If you made a reservation on 17th June for a trip at a later date e.g. for a travel on 25th June, the booking will be held for two (2) days for you to confirm and make payment.


17th June

Day of reservation

Reservation is valid

18th June

1 day after reservation

Reservation is valid

19th June

2 days after reservation

Reservation is valid

20th June

3 days after reservation

Reservation has been released

No seat may be reserved less than five (5) days before the actual departure. Payment has to be made immediately for such intended reservation and purchase.

Reservation period

  Reservation policy

 5 days or more  before departure

  1. You can make your reservation and it will be held for two (2) days from the date
    of reservation. After which your reservation will be erased automatically if the ticket is not purchased by then.

  2. Reservation can be made at either Aeroline Services Centres or our Call Centres.

  3. A reference number will be given to you and this number serves as the reservation reference number so that you can present the number during your payment and confirmed purchase of the seat within the stipulated time.

 4 days or less  before departure

  1. We cannot accept any reservations for departures that are less than 5 days from the departure date.

  2. You may purchase the boarding ticket online at  or , OR via walk-in at any of our Services Centres.



Applicable Fares

Applicable fares are the published fares that are in effect on the date of payment in full for the boarding ticket. The published fare at the time of reservation or purchase takes precedence over any new, intermediate, revised fare applicable to the exact same type of service, route, time and date of travel.

Upgrades or changes to a different service, route, time and date of travel may incur additional fare and the additional difference from a lower fare to a higher fare shall be paid by you. The difference in fare from a higher fare to a lower fare will not be refunded to you for whatsoever reason.

All fares represented at time of booking or purchase will be disclosed to you during your reservation or purchase process, if you do not agree with the fare and its according charges (as applicable), you may  cancel your transaction before proceeding for payment.


Children Fare

Children below five (5) years may travel free of charge provided the child is accompanied by an adult, however no seat will be allocated solely for the child. For children five (5) years and above, you are required to purchase a boarding ticket.

A sole booking or purchase of a child boarding ticket only is not permitted.

The child boarding ticket reserved and/or purchased should not exceed the accompanying adult boarding ticket. The child boarding ticket cannot exceed the number of adult boarding ticket purchased in a single or multiple purchases.



Administrative and Processing Fee

If you decide to purchase the boarding ticket, or make change to your confirmed boarding ticket, including travel, meal or seat, you agree to pay the fee and charges imposed.

The fee and charge imposed includes but not limited to, issuance, handling, processing, and other miscellaneous charges assessed by us represent, among other things, the costs we incur in providing our service, goods and carriage to you. All fees and charges applicable to your transaction is displayed during your purchase process and if you do not agree to pay the fee and charge associated with your transaction, you may cancel your transaction before proceeding for payment.


Confirmation of Online Purchase of Seats


You are responsible to ensure your travelling date, time and destination are correct before clicking “confirm” to proceed in confirmation for payment.

Upon receipt of the fare payment and the issuance of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or the itinerary, the seat is confirmed immediately. The confirmed seat is non-refundable and non-cancellable.

6. Payment Method

Method of payment for online purchase is only by credit card. We accept credit card and cash for the methods of payment for the purchase of boarding ticket at our Malaysia service centres (except for Sg. Nibong Bus Terminal where only cash is accepted). Cash and NETS card are accepted for our Singapore service centre.

Debit card is not an accepted form of payment and any administrative charge applicable incurred as a result of its utilization for payment shall be payable by you.

7. Presentation of Personal Identification Number (PIN) to obtain Boarding Ticket

The confirmation slip with the PIN must be presented to Aeroline Service Centre of departure at least 30 minutes before departure time. Upon verification of the PIN, our Customer Care Officer will then print your boarding ticket. Kindly present your credit card and/or identification card or passport for our verification purposes.

You are required to repurchase a new boarding ticket for the same trip if you fail to present your PIN from the confirmation slip.

The presentation of the PIN is only valid for the first, one time issuance of the boarding ticket. Any reprint and replacement boarding ticket for the same trip is not valid with the used PIN.


8. Validity

All boarding ticket is only valid for the date, time and route specified in the ticket and its itinerary.

All boarding ticket issued shall have a confirmed travel date and time. Open ticket is not available.


9. Refund of Boarding Ticket

Confirmed and/or purchased boarding ticket is not refundable.

You are advised to either change the departure date or time of departure with the applicable administrative fee chargeable provided you present the ticket at least two (2) days before departure at the service centre or via online, in compliance to Article 12.

Refunds are also not applicable for reasons as mentioned in Article 14, please refer for more information.


10. Loss of Boarding Ticket

Without a boarding ticket, you are not allowed to board the coach. Lost, misplaced, or mutilated, boarding ticket will not be replaced or reprinted and you are required to purchase a new ticket for the same trip in full ticket fare.

As our system does not tag the boarding ticket to the passengers’ identity, each boarding ticket holds a unique ticket number with no two ticket number alike, and any lost boarding ticket still carries value and validity (until its lapse of travel date and time), therefore we will not replace the initial boarding ticket in any circumstances. Hence it is imperative for any passenger to produce the valid and physical boarding ticket before boarding.


11. Cancellation of Ticket

Confirmed and/or purchased boarding ticket is not cancellable. You are responsible to ensure your travelling date, time and destination are correct before clicking “confirm” to proceed in confirmation for payment.


12. Change of Boarding Ticket (Date & Time of Travel)

Changes must be made at least two (2) days prior to departure. Travel sectors/routes on boarding ticket cannot be changed, i.e. KL-SIN boarding ticket cannot be changed for SIN-KL boarding ticket. Only date and time of travel may be changed.

E.g.: If a departure date of travel is on 3rd November :

Date when change is requested Number of days before departure Condition
3rd November Day of departure Not allowed

2nd  November

1 day before departure

Not allowed

1st  November

2 days before departure

Allowed with charges

31st October

3 days before departure

Allowed with no charges
(only for 1st change)

Please take note Aeroline Service Centre opening hours are as below :

  • Service Centres : Open daily 7:30am – 7:00pm

(Unless stated otherwise. More information available at our FAQ: Contact Us)

  • Call Centre : Open daily 7:30am – 7:30pm

ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGE FOR CHANGE OF TRAVEL DATE & TIME : You are advised of the applicable charges for the change of your boarding ticket as per below:

Conditions Ticket presented at least 3 days before departure Ticket presented 2 days before departure Ticket presented 1 day before departure
1st change Subsequent changes 1st change Subsequent changes

Ticket issued at Singapore and change at Singapore





No Change is allowed

Ticket issued at Singapore and change at Malaysia





No Change is allowed

Ticket issued at Malaysia and change at Singapore





No Change is allowed

Ticket issued at Malaysia and change at Malaysia





No Change is allowed

FOC : Free of Charge
RM : Ringgit Malaysia
S$ : Singapore Dollar

If your boarding ticket has not been issued and you have attained the confirmation slip and PIN for your boarding ticket collection, you may make changes to your boarding ticket via online through our websites.

If your boarding ticket has been issued, the boarding ticket is to be physically presented and endorsed by our Customer Care Officers at our Services Centres to make the according changes.

Please see Article 2 on Applicable Fares as the terms are also applicable for all boarding ticket change.


12.2 ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGE FOR OTHER CHANGES : There are applicable charges for change of seat, upgrade of ticket, meal as you will be advised and displayed with during your change process. Please also see Article 2 on Applicable Fares where ticket fare charges due to change may be applicable.


No Show


If you fail to board the coach on time or fail to board the coach by the time the coach departs, within our means and definition of depart, the fare you paid will not be refunded neither in partial nor in full to you for any reason whatsoever.

We will not delay or withhold the departure or journey of our coach if you fail to board the coach.

We are not liable to any loss, expense or fee incurred by you if you fail to board the coach on time, or fail to board the coach by the time the coach departs.



Policy of Carriage


14.1 ACCURACY OF TRAVEL DETAILS : You are responsible to make sure your travelling date, time and destination are correct before leaving the counter or when you select to confirm your boarding ticket purchase from the internet ticketing system. Boarding ticket issued is non-refundable. Charges apply and terms and conditions apply for alteration of dates or time of travel (see Article 12 for terms and conditions on charges for change).

14.2 BOARDING TICKET FOR BOARDING : You are required to present the boarding ticket for boarding. Proof of purchase, itinerary or confirmation slip, does not entitle you to board the coach without a boarding ticket.

14.3 LOSS/DAMAGE OF BOARDING TICKET : Our Company will not be held responsible for any lost, misplaced, damage, mutilation of boarding ticket. Boarding ticket is not refundable or replaceable should this happen. Passengers will have to purchase a new boarding ticket at our service centre (see Article 10 for loss of boarding ticket).

14.4 BOARDING TIME : Please be on board the coach 15 minutes before departure time. We are not liable if you fail to be on board the coach by the time the coach departs.

14.5 RIGHT TO REFUSE : We reserve the right to refuse you and your luggage from carriage on our coach for whatsoever reason that we deem justified in reasons, including but not limited to :

14.5.1 Carrying of contraband, illegal substances, fragile or oversize/overweight luggage, unruly behaviour, drunkenness or any other behaviour that we deem as affecting other passengers’ comfort or safety;

14.5.2 The payment of your fare is fraudulent;

14.5.3 The booking of our seat has been done fraudulently or unlawfully or has been purchased from a person not authorized by us;

14.5.4 The credit card by which you paid for the fare has been reported lost or stolen;

14.5.5 The itinerary or booking or confirmation slip is counterfeit or fraudulently obtained;

14.5.6 The itinerary has been altered by anyone other than us or our authorized agent, or has been mutilated (in which case we reserve the right to retain such documentation);

14.5.7 You are unable to produce a valid, physical and legible boarding ticket for the intended travel. The boarding ticket constitutes as the prima facie evidence of the contract of carriage between us and the boarding ticket holder.

14.5.8 You are deemed medically unfit to travel and may pose a health threat to other passengers on board at the absolute discretion of our company;

14.5.9 You fail to arrive on time to board the coach before the time of departure or fail to board the coach by the time the coach departs.

14.6 CONSEQUENCES OF REFUSAL OF CARRIAGE : If we have refused to carry you or choose to remove you from carriage as per Article 14.5, we reserve the right to cancel the unused boarding ticket and you will not be entitled to further carriage or refund of fare.  We will not be liable for the consequential or incidental loss, damage, cost, or fee you may incur with the refusal of carriage.

14.7 LONE CHILDREN : Children below age twelve (12) will not be accepted for carriage unless they are accompanied by an adult.

14.8 RESCHEDULES/SUBSTITUTION : We reserve the right to reschedule, cancel, and/or delay any trips and substitute other buses for reasons deem necessary to do so.

14.9 TRAVEL DOCUMENTS : You are responsible to ensure that valid and required travel documents, including the relevant passports, valid visas and/or identification, are carried  with you for the journey. If you are denied entry/exit, held up at the immigration for the country you are travelling to, from or over, we will not be held responsible for the mentioned and reserve the right to continue the journey. We are not responsible for the consequential or incidental loss, cost, and fee incurred by you as a result of this (see Visitors’ Entry regarding further information on travel documents, regulations and requirements).

14.10 LIMITED LIABILITY : We will be liable up to the value of the ticket.

15. Luggage Allowances

Tag Required





No Tag


Less than  3 kg



1 Tag

08” x 14” x 22”

Less than 15 kg



2 Tag

10” x 16” x 24”

Less than 20 kg



3 Tag

12” x 18” x 26”

Less than 25 kg



4 Tag

16” x 24” x 36”

Less than 30 kg

Extra Large


2 Tag



Baby stroller / Golf bag etc

Additional charge of 1 tag will be implemented for luggage more than 30 kg (extra large size).
** We do not carry surfboards, foldable bicycles or any item of irregular dimension.

  15.1 ADDITIONAL PURCHASED LUGGAGE TAGS : Should you need Additional Luggage Tags, you may purchase the Additional Luggage Tags from our Customer Care Officer at the coach before boarding. The cost is RM10 for trips departing from Malaysia and S$10 for trips departing from Singapore.

  15.2 DISCLAIMERS : While we attempt to take care of your check-in luggage, the risk of loss or damage of the check-in luggage remains with you. We strongly advised customers against placing any item that is heat-sensitive, fragile, perishable or valuable in the luggage compartment.

You are responsible to ensure your luggage (and its contents) is secured and safe during its placement in the luggage compartment or anywhere else on board on our coach.

We are not responsible for any loss of your luggage or belongings on board the coach or in the luggage compartment.

15.2.1 Our Coach Captain will unload your luggage at the immigration & custom checkpoints and upon arrival. Please take care of your belongings at all times and kindly stand by during the unloading to claim your luggage and to prevent your luggage from being claimed by a third party.

15.2.2 At the immigration & customs check points, you are required to carry the luggage from the coach to the checkpoints and back to the coach. Kindly ensure that your luggage is loaded into our luggage compartment. We will not be held responsible if any luggage is left at the checkpoints.


RIGHT OF REFUSAL TO CARRY LUGGAGE : We have the right to refuse carriage for any of your luggage in the following events :-

15.3.1 Should there be more luggage beyond our storage capacity, we will prioritize luggage with the Complimentary Luggage Tags. Should there be not enough storage space, we have the right to refuse to carry luggage with Additional Purchased Luggage Tags. In such event, we will refund you with the purchase price of the Additional Purchased Luggage Tags. There shall be no refund of your ticket fare.

15.3.2 If the luggage is very large or heavy which our Coach Captain finds it difficult to load and unload into our storage space.

15.3.3 It is deemed by us to be unsuitable to transport the luggage for any reason.

15.3.4 Should there be any reason your belonging/luggage is requested for removal or confiscation from the authorities of the custom or security of the country you are travelling to, from or over. The custom and security officials reserve the right to inspect the coach and luggage for reasons they deem necessary.

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